The outstanding part, the element that’s always going to be more offbeat and original for a black woman has to be when a woman opens her arms and embraces, with heart and soul, those extravagant and creative braids. 

Those beautifully winding and curling braids that give a woman something extra special, a look to be vied after that is sharp and smart whilst knowing that she’s made her mark with her incredible fashion statement.  Who wouldn’t want to achieve this and, afterall,  there are quite simply an astonishing amount of stylish designs to choose from that will offer a tone that is simply stunning, sophisticated and totally unique.

Best Braided hairstyles

They are going to make the lady that goes for this look not only feel fantastic but also appear tailored and neat with an appearance that is both exclusive and individual.  Why not go and check out our all of our info on some of the great hairstyles for all of those black women that went along and got themselves some fabulous braids.

When are braided hairstyles for black women suitable?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that braided hairstyles are always going to be in fashion, they just don’t date!  They are never too old, never too last year, not to put too finer point onto it, they have been created to last forever, an eternal style for black woman to love, adore and cherish. 

braided hairstyles for black women

The other great thing is that there are so many different ways to wear braids from the simple and stylish right through to ingenous and innovative creations that are very much in tune to an individual. 

Your very own artistic imagination can run wild and you can create your very own bespoke design to be talked about and that will make a statement, something that will make you feel positively glorious and gorgeous at any one time. 

Alongside this, you can also remain confident that your braided style is going to be fitting for all routine occasions and situations whether it be formal or just going into the office on a daily basis, you can wear them with pride and delight, they are not only acceptable but also admired by many.

In a nutshell, anyone with black hair can do braids well if they choose to, they are trendy to the point of everlasting and they always look good on a black woman.  

The black woman has been bestowed with that devine head of thick and naturally curly hair that is begging to be braided, they are always going to love your hair and make you look different, make you stand out above the others in the crowd or at a party.  

The only important thing to remember concerning your braids is going to be knowing about hair loss prevention and one or two other minor points.  This is something that is both annoying and also unnecessary and so read our further tips and tricks to help you overcome this minor obstacle.

Braided hairstyles for black women – some tips and tricks

Those oh so individual and unique braided hairstyles for black women are particularly immense owing to the numerous amounts of styles, ways and patterns available to choose from, those fun and chichi ways in which to braid your hair, a personalized characteristic to add to your wardrobe offering you the ability to make an awesome and independent fashion statement of your very own.

So once you’ve made the choice and taken the plunge, apart from being overjoyed and delighted with your new coiff,  you’ll also probably be wondering about the maintenance and upkeep. 

Well just keep on reading, here we have some indespensible tips and tricks that can help you maintain the better braid, a vital read to make sure that that trendy braid you’ve got looks at it’s very best at all times, however outrageous or sane your pattern choice may be…

So, let’s just get going and say, did you know that there are also many different ways in which you can make those beautiful braids last so much longer which will also result in the vital prevention of hair loss.  

One of the most important ways of achieving longer lasting braids and probably one of the absolute fundamentals of longer lasting braids, has to be covering them up at night in a slinky and silky material whilst sleeping.  

It’s maybe not the best look for bedtime but it will prevent you from that horrific urge to itch!  Itching your head is, obviously,  going to move and ruin your perfectly shaped braid and that is something you are clearly  going to want to avoid.  

Additionally,  as another precautionary measure, you really should be avoiding wearing any sort of woollen hat or cap at any given time too, it may finish your outfit with balance and all out coolness but you really don’t want to be doing it if you want to maintain a perfect shape and form of your braids.

If you notice that you are beginning to lose your hair, you need to also consider the loosening of your black woman braided hairstyle. It’s not great to wear your braids tight to the point of pain, it’s not going to be great for the general wellbeing of your gorgeous locks and so if you are suffering from this alongside hair loss, try running some warm water over them whilst gently massaging your scalp to loosen them up a bit.  

Whilst on this subject matter, it’s probably important to mention that you need to be fairly vocal whilst having your hair braided in itself, if you feel that it’s being done too tightly you need to speak up, this is fashion not pain, you really shouldn’t have to suffer to look awesome, really, the braiding itself will look amazing without having to resort to a daily asprin just to get out of bed because of your braids.

Another important tip and trick that you should be adhering to is keeping the moisture cycle going on that mind blowing and legendary braiding that you’ve had done.  A regular spray of moisturizing mist is going to do nothing but add benefits to that out of this word hair that you invariably have.  It’s always going to have a tendency for dryness so help it out a little by being kind and giving it something nice!  In the long run you’ll be thankful that you did.

So, if you take care and take heed you’ll be delighted to learn that your braided style can last for up to a year if you really look after it carefully, so take all the necessary precautions to feel fabulous and beautiful at all times.  And on a final note, don’t be tempted to change the pattern every five minutes, it’s only going to excessively damage your hair and it certainly won’t thank you for it!

But, hey, enough with the tips and tricks… always remember that when a black woman chooses to braid her hair she can guarantee that she’s going to look adorable.  They are the epitomy of elegant, trendy and modern alongside owning a fabulous ability to remain timeless.  

They are unbelievably versatile and surprisingly convenient in that they require very little maintenance providing that you don’t go overboard and they are too tight.  The other fantastic plus side to owning your braids is that you’re going to remain cool in the summer whilst being cool on the sidewalks and no one can ask for more than that.

So come on ladies, when you have been blessed with that sumptuous black hair that is naturally curly and incredibly thick why not consider something that is visionary and original, something that will turn heads and get you noticed.  

You know that they always look wonderful and will give you that stylish and cutting edge that you really do want. Take the plunge, go for the braid and don’t ever look back! What are you waiting for?

Braided hairstyles for black women – and celebrities

So, let’s be happy and gracious for those amazing and fantastic braids that we all love so much. There are styles out there that are befitting to all types of people, there is a look for everyone, they are suitable for every woman with the particular and additional benefits of not giving caution to age.  

There are a huge variety of braids that have been worn by an array of different people out there, some awesome, some not so awesome. Some of the greatest singers and actresses on our amazing planet have sported braided hairstyles for really long periods of time over the years.  

Take a look at some of these breaktaking and phenomenal photographs of some stunning black women who just love to love their braids.  Look at Alicia Keys, she has worn a diverse selection of braided hairstyles throughout her singing career and I think we can all agree that she looks just wonderful.  

However, she’s not alone, there are a stars in abundance, take a browse through and see who you recognise, I think that you’ll agree, they all look simply stunning!

Best Braided hairstyles and haircuts for black hair tutorial

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