The flat hair irons are among the very frequently used hair styling tools by most women. But getting a best flat iron is very important from long term point of view. You should be aware of the fact that the choice of hair straightener depends on whether you have hair natural hair, African American hair, curly, thick or black hair. And with so many brands like Paul Mitchell, Babyliss, Remington, HIS so on, it is very difficult to select the best hair straightener. There are various other important factors which will seriously decide the type of flat iron you are going. You will find all, so read on, meanwhile we have made below a ready reference comparison chart in case you are in a hurry to buy the best flat iron 2019.

Tips for buying the best flat iron 2019

There are some factors which you must give serious consideration while buying a best flat iron for natural hair, best flat iron for thick curly hair or for African American hair. These factors are very important as these hair straighteners are known to be causing heat damage to your hair if used very frequently. There are number of different brands like Paul Mitchell, Babyliss, Royale hair straighteners etc so it becomes even more important to look for the following qualities in the models of these brands.

  1. The very first point is the quality of a hair iron. These days there are different quality hair straighteners are available ranging from as low as $15 to $200+ range. The difference is of course the quality. The lower end hair irons are made up of cheap material having coatings of ceramic whereas the high end straightening irons are made from 100% ceramic material and some of these are even coated with titanium and tourmaline. The 100 percent ceramic flat iron is the way to go even better if it has titanium or tourmaline coatings. These types of flat irons distribute the heat evenly throughout its plates. This way the formation heat spots is prevented resulting in far less hair damage as compared to cheap flat irons.
  1. Size of the straightener plates is also very important as women having long thick hair will require wider plate irons as compared to fine thin hair. So 1.5 inch flat irons are must for people having thick and long African American curly hair. For ladies having thin natural hair flat irons with plate width of 1 inch will do.
  2. Next point is the general features which will make your hair flattening experience very easy are variable temperature settings because different types of hair like thick and curly hair needs 350-400 Fahrenheit flat iron for perfect hair straightening whereas natural and thin black hair require 250-300 degree Fahrenheit flat iron for best results. This is possible with variable heat settings.
  3. For better handling and flattening experience the flat irons should have auto shut off, long swivel cord. Also dual voltage flat iron is very much needed for people who like to travel frequently.

Best flat iron Reviews

Now after some of the technical stuff we thought of providing you with some more details about the best selling models. Though our comparison chart above contains high quality best flat irons for natural hair yet some of these models need to be reviewed here.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle Review

Styling your hair can never be easier than with the aid of Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle. This Paul Mitchell flat iron is never complicated – it will style your hair without any confusing operations. You just plug in the device and use it with ease.

Some stylists caution people who wants to style themselves on the possible effects of the hair flat iron because of permanent damage due to too much heat. The Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle prevents damage by controlling heat distribution in plates.

This Paul Mitchell hair straightener is not just for straightening hairs, it can create a wavy or curly look in an instant as the hair iron can be configured for almost every hair style possible. Its secret is on the negative ions that penetrate your hair so that the desired hair design is done in just a few minutes.

Even though you just got out of the shower, the device will immediately separate water from your hair. Compared to other hair irons, you don’t just get the looks you want as you can get the design you really want in mere minutes. You can practically use this in the morning before going to work without coming in late.

Another advantage of the Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle is in handling. One of the biggest problems for those who use this device is control as this often results to overheating and hair damage. To prevent this problem, the device has been designed to make you “feel” the device as it touches your hair. The silicone is directly infused to the plates of this Paul Mitchell Flat iron. The plate area uses ceramics and silicone for a smoother hair contact. With this design, you will be able to directly control how the plates heat up your hair so you’ll be able to prevent any damage and get the design you really want. It best flat iron for natural hair, African American, thick, curly all other types of hair.

As per flat iron reviews on Amazon this Paul Mitchell straightener received rating of 4.6 stars and this iron is available for sale with discount of 30% at $150. To see more reviews and buy this straightener click Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1 inch cushioned ceramic plates

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 ” Review

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, 1"

Babyliss is one of the very old brands which is known for producing great quality hair irons. This Babyliss nano titanium flat iron is one of the most popular flat irons for natural, African American, thick curly hair.

It uses far infrared heat to provide you excellent smooth frizz free hair. It can provide heat up to 450 degree Fahrenheit. It is extremely thin lightweight and very smooth in handling. This Babyliss flat iron provides you faster hair straightening.

It is available at a discounted price of $125 only and as per hair straightener reviews on Amazon it received 4.2 stars. To see more reviews and buy this flattening iron click BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 “

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth Iron 1.25″ Review

This Paul Mitchell Flat Iron reduces smoothing time, and heats up evenly; helping you to control static. It features Express Ion ComplexTM, which is fused to the plates to speed up straightening and help to protect against damage, solid ceramic heaters that provides even heat distribution 1.25-inch cushion plates, beveled edges that ensures no line of demarcation, slim plate design that allows for straightening close to the scalp, and a host of others.

In terms of quality styling tools, this Paul Mitchell Express ion smooth flat Iron stands out in terms of advanced and user-friendly features. The price is also affordable, and you can have your hair straightened in quick time.

Based on flat iron reviews at Amazon it has received 4.4 stars and this Paul Mitchell hair straightener is available at a price of $110 including a discount of 36%. To see more reviews and buy this flattening iron Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth + Flat Iron 1.25″

HSI Professional ceramic tourmaline flat iron review

This HIS flat iron is the ever popular flat iron with almost all the features you would want. It uses high quality ceramic tourmaline combination to provide you frizz free smooth and shiny hair.

It has auto shut off feature, 360 degree long swivel cord and variable temperature settings ranging from 240 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit making it the ideal Fahrenheit flat iron. It gives very quick heat to save lot of straightening time. It also has LCD display for easy reading.

This HSI flat iron is at par with others like Paul Mitchell straightener, Babyliss in quality. As per flat iron reviews on Amazon it has received user rating of 4.6 stars and it is available at a price of $100 only. To know more and buy this HSI flat iron click HSI PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC TOURMALINE IONIC FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER

Tips for straightening your natural hair

So you have been natural for sometimes and you love the versatility that comes with your hair texture? Want to try different hair styles out there? – or maybe you just want to see the true length of your natural hair?

Then straightening natural hair maybe just what you need to start with. Below are five simple steps to take you through straightening your natural curly hair without the risk of heat damage, tangling or any other frustration of sorts.

  1. Start by Deep Conditioning: Deep conditioning helps to strengthen your hair prior to straightening in preparation for any sort of major styling or even coloring. You can do this best by letting your deep conditioner last for about 30 minutes, preferably under a dryer with a plastic cap on. It is highly recommended to start the conditioning a day or two earlier prior to your hair straightening.
  2. Detangle Gently: After some conditioning action in your hair, you need to do finger-detangling an hour prior to straightening natural hair. While hair conditioning makes the whole hair straightening process easier, finger detangling guarantees decreased breakage and damage. You can additionally use any super slippery conditioner with a little bit of water to tame your tangles.
  3. Section Wash with Shampoo:When it comes to straightening natural hair, don’t go for the typical cowashing. Cowashing does not remove buildup of ingredients and products that accumulate on hair with time. This can be generally problematic, and even worse if heat treatment is involved. In order to effectively cleanse your hair and minimize tangling, use a diluted shampoo of your choice to wash each section individually. Twist/braid/clip the hair back up when done. Most people tend to be very cautious when applying shampoo to their natural hair. That’s good. Note however that using diluted shampoo in your natural hair does not alter its curl pattern in any way: it simply serves to deposit some polymers/silicones along the hair shafts, which helps ‘weigh’ it down.
  4. Blow Dry with Care:After thoroughly rinsing your conditioning concoction, its time to dry your hair and activate the heat protection phase. If you’ve got enough time, banding your hair and allowing it to air-dry is the best option. Don’t worry if you are ever busy and have no time for that, there is an alternative.Blot the excess water away from each section that you intend to blow-dry using a cotton towel or the micro-fiber towel. This will minimize the time you will spend blow-drying your hair. Next, apply a suitable water-based heat protectant, preferably the ‘leave-in’ type that has demonstrated higher ability to protect your natural hair.
  5. Flat Iron: At this point in the game, you will need a flat iron with numeric temperature readings to give accurate temperature measurements. Smooth in some solid heat protection oil, preferably the light-weight silicon based types that provide extra softness and shine. The heat protection oil will basically act as a buffer between your hair and the flat iron, minimizing heat transfer. The oil will additionally allow the flat iron plates to glide over your hair with ease, which reduces the amount of time required on this process.

A little tip: Wind up straightening natural hair by wrapping your flat ironed hair with a satin scarf to ‘seal-in’ the job. Sit under a hooded dryer for about 20-30 minutes to help set your straight style for as long as you intend.

 What do you think about Best Hair Straightener 2019?

Well we have tried to cover maximum details in our best flat iron guide so that you can make well informed decision to buy best flat iron for natural hair, best flat iron for African American hair or black curly thick hair.

We have covered different brands like Paul Mitchell flat iron, Babyliss, HSI as these have been know for producing all time favorite best flat irons. If you think we should have also included some other top rated hair straighteners in the above reviews or comparison chart then please share with us in the following comments.

Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

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