Just how many different hairstyles can we think of?  How many different hairstyles are of a classic shape, the ones that we see on a regular basis, the ones that are out and about on the sidewalk day after day, week after week? 

Well there’s a whole bunch of them, there is a wealth of choice and fashions to sport and we adore them all!  But every now and then there are those odd few that defy that classic nature, one’s that opposes society as we know it… or do they?

Long mohawk hairstyles for black women

And the mohawk is definately going to be one of those looks that is going to be up there with a question mark hanging over it’s avant garde head!

Immediately when you hear the word mohawk your mind will be conjuring up a whole multitude of various images, an assortment and mixture of whacko blends that run in a variety of colors that will give even the rainbow a run for it’s money!  

But, hey, is a mohawk always going to be that radical and harsh, does it have to howl and screech at you?  

You don’t have to punk it right up to mohawk, it doesn’t have to be a profound and full on side shaving with vibrant colored and rigid spikes protruding from your scalp that must be a deep seated maintence issue and a nightmare before bedtime if you want a decent and comfortable nights sleep.  

Mohawks have evolved, some may say that the mohawk has become more of a fauxhawk, they’ve moved on and they can be surprisingly feminine and are definately, at last, being dragged up there into the 21st Century!  

It’s had it’s essential reputation overhaul, it’s no longer that quintessential fashion statement that makes you think of Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols!

It’s been reexamined and modernized and it really is on the serious consideration list for both mere mortals like ourselves and celebs alike.

So, readers, if you are curious to learn more about this new fashion that’s hitting us at the moment and fancy the idea of something cute and definably different then look no further than our fabulous galleries to see how this new statement is hitting our celebs in style.  

It’s out there and it’s making some serious waves.  Give it some thought, muse over it, it can be awe inspiring so stop being fearful, get brave and contemplate something that’s definately going to shake up your style and give the world and yourself something alternative and intriguing.

What do mohawk hairstyles for black women mean?

Mohawk Hairstyles for black women

How big is that question?  What does a mohawk mean for black women exactly, it’s certainly different, it’s without doubt going to provide a giant statement, it’s not the first thought that’s going to come into your head when you walk into the salon. 

So let’s look at what exactly what this new crest on the block really does mean for black women.

To get yourself out of the starting gate to understanding what this means, why not begin with a leisurely browse through those beautiful and breathtaking galleries and maybe then, and only then, the first thing that you are going to notice is that the mohawk is definately a powerful look.  

It exudes confidence, it screams of steely determination and independence and gives a somewhat colossal impression of a woman who has a hugely strong personality.  The mohawk is the hairstyle

that has been undeniably created for women who are true and honest fighters, the decisive woman who knows who she is and what she’s looking for in life, a force to be reckoned with and a woman who is not afraid…

Who ever did imagine that a hairstyle could say so much, be so loud?  It truly is a feminine look with a bold voice!  So go and get your stylizing brain into gear and have a look at some of those unbelievable and stunning examples of what a mohawk can achieve and then have a think about maybe changing your look for  something raucus and exciting.


Mohawk hairstyles for black women – different types of mohawk

I guess that we should really be covering the classic mohawk to begin with.  Albeit that it’s a profoundly fearless look, it is, nonetheless, a clear and definate look that is a real head turner. 

If you are actually brave enough to shave then you clearly want to do it with clarity and confidence achieve a look that you’re sure and comfortable with and something that hollers from the far side of the room. 

If you don’t have the obvious obstructions of objections in the workplace and in your own personal society pertaining to you then you can work this look with some serious creativity. 

It may not be the classic look of the gentry but on the other hand it really doesn’t have to say punk either.  It can be a vibrant, sexy look that can give your facial features something that is both feminine and edgy, it can reveal and highlight some real beauty in your cheekbones and define any jawline to perfection. 

You can wear your stripe either longer or shorter, curly or straightened, it’s going to add height and elongate your features can make for a truly exceptional gaze for the mesmerized onlooker. 

In essence, it’s surprisingly versatile and so if you’ve got the courage and the backbone to try it make sure you go for gold and give it your very best shot!

You really can’t imagine the sheer volume of mohawk styles that are actually in existance and out there for those wonderful black women who have been blessed with that luscious and sumptuous black hair.  

If you really go all out and start investigating, you’ll find that they are in abundance, the styles are positively numerous and they don’t have to be that classically radical vision that we all envisage the minute that we think of the word mohawk!

Mohawk hairstyles for black women

And, oh boy, are we relieved about that, because we all love a wide choice!  And quite frequently we are also quite attached to our hair and not one hundred percent ready to go for a shaving of the sides of our heads.  

It may be that this type of look and style is going to give you a fantastic chiselled look, highlight your face and add some awesome edits to that important confidence but it is seriously boisterous and a somewhat deafening look that may well be a little too much for the faint hearted to tackle.  

Yet on the other hand, although it may well make you look just a little on the dangerous side, it can also make you look extremely attractive and seductive if you do happen to give it a whirl.

Alternatively, and let’s be honest, alternative is a great word to be using here… why not give a braided mohawk some serious consideration. It’s fun and it’s ridiculously trendy at the same time.  

It will give you a great and talked about style that is creative and different without making your neighbors hide away at the site of you.

It’s a great flipside to something regular and you can experiment with some incredible and really chichi patterns from the pure and classic styles to the down right unimaginable ones… the thing that is certain and sure is that you will be genuinely cute and gorgeous if you do decide to brave this bewitching look.  

You’ll behold some great glimpses and earn yourself some rave reviews if you get it on with this stunning and attractive cut.

Yet if that apprehension is kicking in, then why not consider one of the other more feminine of mohawks that are out and begging to be tried out.  

It’s a fairly universal look that can give you some unbelievable sex appeal whilst adding some height and glamor at the same time.  

Rihanna and Halle Berry are great examples of how to sport and totally rock a mohawk without looking like you’re about to punch someone in the face, they’ve pulled it out of the bag on several occasions without resorting to the use of a razor blade and hair products that will give you a rock hard spike!

Mohawk hairstyles for black women – celebrities with Mohawk

So go ahead and take a good look, our galleries are just oozing with photographs and styles of our popular and favorite celebrities that just love that awesome mohawk look. 

They are amazingly lady like and fashionable, that womanly look that just exudes confidence and allure, they’re seductive and sexy all rolled into one. 

Who can resist Rihanna with hers and don’t get us started on how much we adore Halle Berry’s fabulous mohawk!

And after you’ve gone and browsed through those incredible photographs you’ve just got to check out our great Facebook pages, you need to be liking, loving and pinning.  

Best mohawk hairstyles for black women step by step tutorial

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