What in this wonderful world that we live in could be more important than that one day, that day that we’ve all been waiting for, the day that we’ve dreamt of for years, that we’ve been planning in

Wedding hairstyles for black women

our heads ever since we were little girls… it’s massive, it’s huge, it’s immense, our families and friends alike are out there as we speak purchasing hats, outfits and flowers alike for it.  

Oh girls, it’s nearly upon you and it’s your one and only, mind blowing, world rocking wedding day!  You’ve been pounding that sidewalk, you’ve been in every bridal shop and tried on ever single dress imaginable, you’ve got the killer shoes, you’ve planned the wedding menu, your invites are written and posted and they’re all coming flooding back in.  

It’s exciting, it’s hugely important and it’s that one and only day in your life where you can’t afford to mess up that hair!  

Your salon and your stylist is on standby and your tiara is bought, all you need to do know is click, click and keep on clicking through our fanstastic and fabulous bunch of photos in that gallery for even more ideas to confuse you just that little bit more on what it is that you so desperately and really want!

You’ll have an idea but it’s probably going to change as much as the weather does in fall… but at some point you there is going to be something that’s going to jump off the page at you.  However, before you begin, let’s look at the very basics here.  

You’ve got an awesome head of that beautiful black hair but it already has a style to it and time is totally of the essence.  Let’s be completely honest with ourselves, you are all going to be limited to certain looks based on the length of your hair for starters so why not begin by clicking through those galleries in accordance with what you own to begin that hard work of the ultimate choice.  

There is a multitude of styles that can work those flowers that you want in your hair, something that is going to fit in with that tiara you’ve bought and also something that’s going to fit in with the style of your gorgeous wedding dress that you’re going to be rocking on your all important day.

So what are you waiting for, your big day is looming, get clicking and investigating and start collecting all of those images and then go ahead and pick up the telephone and make that rendez vous with your very own cherished and loved stylist today.  

They will be able to advise you, give you extra guidance and tips, play around and practice with a few styles until that big one says hello to you, I think that you’re the one that’s going to be in all of my wedding photos!

Long Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for black women

There is a whole host of styles out there for your amazing and glamorous big day, there are, as ever a multitude of haircuts for black women that are simple and there are a multitude of them that are really not so simple, yet one things for sure, this is the one day that you can’t afford to get it wrong.  

Take note, however, as one thing is definately for sure… if your hair is long the world is your oyster.  Whatever you decide to go for, you are going to have a desire to look sophisticated and you’re going to have a desire to look sexy, you want to wow your guests and your future spouse alike and so you’re going to be all out anxious to make sure that it rocks like a superstar!  

So let’s get going and let’s get talking about those endless possiblities that you have for that fabulous long black hair that you own!

And for starters, it probably has to be that French classic, the chignon… and boy, just how many examples of chignons can you find out there. There are a myriad and multitude of them!  

So if this is the look that you are going for, you want to make sure that it’s going to work a treat and a dream with any of the singular accessories that you’ve chosen and purchased as part of your outfit for that big day.  Get one of your friends to fix you up a chignon and then try out some flowers, pop on that tiara and have a go at what works and what doesn’t.

If that chignon is something that’s just not for you but you definately know that you want an up do, then have your considered a neat and classic chic bun.  They represent traditional, they respresent serene, they can be worn high or they can be worn low and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that they will always be fashionable.

They are always elegant and are also constantly sophisticated and timeless so are pretty much befitting with any type of gown.  You can be guaranteed that it’s always going to be a sure fire and popular, easy choice to go for.  When you make a bun your wedding hair option, then wear it with pride, wear it with love and make it your own on the most important day of your life.

Whilst experiementing, make sure that you have your camera on hand to take a whole bunch of great photos, get clicking on the camera button and then get saving those awesome images.  Then go ahead and sleep on it and get them back out in the morning and browse through them. 

You’re going to be excited when you take the second look, you’re going to be delighted with some of those photographs, maybe horrified at some others, but at least you’ve made some waves into coming up with something spectactular that is going to make you the belle of the ball. 

Then pick up that telephone and get dialling, fix that salon date and give it a whirl in preperation for the day ahead.

There are choices aplenty, abounding and in abundance, so to get some initial ideas, get searching and clicking, our galleries as they are filled to the gunnels with some awesome wedding shots for that gorgeous and beautiful long black hair… what on earth are you waiting for?

Braided wedding hairstyles

Now a braid may well not be your traditional chignon or bun for that magical day but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done and it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done in style.  

Braided wedding hairstyles

Braids themselves can be unbelievably chic and incredibly elegant, there’s a legion of patterns and styles out there that can look simply stunning with that gorgeous wedding gown that you’ve already been out and purchased.  

Only a black woman can truly master the art of the braided hair and give them that all out glamor and glitz that’s required on this special day.  They are always going to be super cute and they’re always going to be adorable and if this is the look that you want to rock on your gargantuan day then get your stylist to help you along with the options.  

Take in some photographs and get an opinion from everyone in the salon, get them to make suggestions on how you can work those braids with chosen accessories and then get them done and wear them loud and proud.

A braid is always going to offer bags of personality and will give you something different for that exclusive and major day, so why not be extraordinary and astonishing with some braids for it. 

To get some ideas then get searching and get clicking, we’ve got some awesome and upber cool photographs of braids for you to browse through. 

They are bang on trend and always creative, so get ingenious and get your artistic side working in overdrive and come up with an amazing patterns for that oh so memorable day.

Short wedding hairstyles

Short hair, it’s always going to be charming and delightful and it lends itself perfectly to hair decorations.  It loves a dainty flower to match that delicate face that your crop suits oh so well, it’s always going to be the cream on your cake when it comes to tiaras and it’s going to make you look like a truly elegant and graceful princess when you go ahead and match the gown up with it. 

Short wedding hairstyles

Our galleries are just brimming with some beautiful short cuts that are begging to be adorned with something sparkling and cute for that adorable day that you have carefully planned so why not get searching and clicking through those endless options that are just waiting to be looked at. 

You are going to look gorgeous and oh don’t you know it, so get clicking and own that crop cut on your big day!

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Best Wedding hairstyles for black women

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